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When we start gaining weight we start feeling insecure, we'd rather stay home than going out, we stop wanting to appear in pictures, and we dislike almost every picture we appear on.

We can easily hide extra weight on our stomach with a loose t-shirt or a jacket, but when it comes to our face; that's very noticeable!

We can't hide it! That's why we bring you Slimchins Strap!

Get rid of your double chin and slim down your face, Improve the masseter, and prevent cheek sagging with Slimchins Strap's best-selling product the Slimchins Strap.

No more strict diets, intense training, or tedious workouts needed! 

The Slimchins Strap allows people of all ages and genders to Reduce wrinkles, prevent aging. Make your face slimmer, more beautiful from the Comfort of your home!


How does it Work?

Each use of the Slimchins Strap performs chin and face fat reduction by boosting your lymphatic system and releasing toxins and stored sodium through sweat.

The Slimchins Strap allows face muscles to be tightened through frequent use by restoring loose and sagging skin by reshaping the facial contour and delivering long-term firming results.

For optimal results, we recommend using the Slimchins Strap for 40 minutes 3-4 times a week.


Easy to use

Yes, it is very gentle and is very easy to use on your face. This product is ultra-thin, ultra-slim, and stretchy one that proves to be very comfortable for your face. The Slimchins Strap is breathable, bacteria, and germs free along with free from the unwanted radiation from the sun or anywhere around your surroundings. This is a safe product to use for your skin.
By using the facelift slimming strap for 30-60 minutes 3-4 times a week, you'll start noticing chin and face fat reduction with every use by boosting your lymphatic system and releasing toxins and stored sodium through sweat.
How to Use:
  1. Wash your face clean.
  2. Wear it for 30-60 minutes.
  3. The skin will start to sweat as it is warm.
  4. Wash your face again.


Face Slimming Strap - Slimchins Strap

Majestic Results & Benefits


You can now slim down your jawline to perfection while doing what you love. Who thought it would ever be possible to enjoy chocolate while losing face fat at the same time?

This anti-aging therapy helps to enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism, and clear facial veins, enhance skin elasticity, rebuild skin collagen organization, provide a more tight and detailed face. The highly elastic material can stretch and position worn in the face, thus achieving easy face-lift, the double effect of preventing sagging, and firming facial muscles.

Why pay thousands of dollars on surgery when you can slim down just as effectively in the comfort of your own home without the pain and dreadful side effects.


Ultra-thin, elastic, antibacterial, & breathable mask won't make your face feel uncomfortable.

  • No More Double Chin
  • Adjustable to All Head Sizes
  • Slim Down Up to 1cm Per Use
  • Tighten Your Face Muscles
  • Lose Face Fat
  • No Exercise Required
  • Do It From The Comfort Of Your Home
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